portable furnace

переносная [передвижная] печь

Англо-русский словарь по прокатке металлов. — М.: Физматгиз.. . 1963.

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  • Hearth —    Heb. ah (Jer. 36:22, 23; R.V., brazier ), meaning a large pot like a brazier, a portable furnace in which fire was kept in the king s winter apartment.    Heb. kiyor (Zech. 12:6; R.V., pan ), a fire pan.    Heb. moqed (Ps. 102:3; R.V., fire… …   Easton's Bible Dictionary

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  • chauf|fer — «CH fuhr, SH », noun. a small, portable furnace or stove; brazier. ╂[alteration of obsolete chafer; see etym. under chafer 2 (Cf. ↑chafer)] …   Useful english dictionary

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